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Microsoft Surface Pro 3:A Promising gadget for all high-end users!

The latest Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 which is a 12-inch display latest Laptop & tablet hybrid resonates how technology things are going crazy. Microsoft is a paragon regarding best devices and the smooth interface,and this particular product does aim directly the consumers who are just found exhausted using a tablet and a laptop parallel. With a Intel Core i7 processor, included stylus keyboard and tons of accessories, only time will tell about Microsoft's hybrid success.     According to Microsoft,"Surface Pro 3 is the tablet that can replace your laptop — packing all the performance of a fully powered laptop into a thin, light and beautifully designed device. You’ll just love being able to carry a single device for your next class, workday or weekend getaway,project knowing you are all the way capable to fulfil your prerequisite."   M icrosoft Surface Pro 3 Surface Pro 3 and Specs: Surface Pro 3 features a 12-inch full HD,3:2 2160x1440 display

First glances:Nokia Lumia 630 and 635

Nokia has been making a consistent progress.As,we know,this Finnish company completed deal with Microsoft,the company has gone through a transitional phase.Recently Nokia Android models like Nokia X,XL are out which support android operating system.And now few more gadgets are ready to be placed in showrooms!     The Nokia Lumia 630 and Nokia Lumia 635 are latest devices to be addressed with Windows-Lumia family, and also these devices are released with exclusive Windows Phone 8.1 operating system.They are designed to be affordable,however the issue to be noted here is,with launch of Nokia Lumia 630,developer firm entered the dual-sim segment.  One more tenuous contrast is Lumia 635 does offer 4G Long Term Evolution(LTE) technology which makes network persistent,while Lumia 630 covers have a matte finish.Otherwise both the phones look identical.The display has a 854 x 480 pixel resolution, 214 pixels per inch(ppi). Going deep in technically,the display is vivid at initial g

iPhone 6 to be part of Apple's elite:to hit market soon!

The highly awaited,and predominant iPhone 6 is set to be released soon.iPhone is a popular product of Apple Inc. known for its standard and secure functionality and stalwart mechanism.The Apple Company is planning to release the iPhone 6 in two segments i.e 4.7 inches device display and 5.5 inches device display.This most anticipated high-end smartphone is expected to hit market in various segments,during August and September respectively.Apple company has inherited the latest iPhone 6 characteristics from iPod Nano and iPhone 5C. The body is being made in both metal and plastic body for better user's choice.Apple iPhone 6 will be running on iOS 8 mobile operating system ,which include recently developed,and interesting applications like Preview, Textedit and Healthbook.        According to sources,iPhone colors replicate the one used with its previous product iPhone 5C.The latest Apple unit has developed a edge-to-edge glass model and has sleek dimensions,adding gorgeous

Google Greatest inventions that make man a megalomaniac!!!

T echnology has been one of the most powerful tool a man could rule the world and organized the messed up things.Google Inc. should termed as a most influential firm that will be leading to dramatic changes in the advent of technology embraced years.Google is marked for its research and service towards a "change" factor.And today the most fantasy has been the real world vision.Under Larry Page administration,not only Google but also world has been moving to next level of generation.And here are few devices which make mankind is going megalomaniac and makes world a better place: Google Automated Cars:         This technology has invented with amalgamation of mechanical sciences,and modern computing capabilities.These cars are capable to handle the small streets,highways,traffic stuffed areas..using the high sensor capability.Using the popular application artificial intelligence,cars are capable of finding their better way out.However,using these cars are restricted by

A Disparate user interface:Paperfold released at ACM CHI conference,Toronto 2014

As the world technology has been racing towards new heights in order meet the user's requirements,smartphone structure has been encountering a impossible dimensions.Latest fold-able smartphones has been a hot topic of globe which has been unveiled at ACM CHI conference at Toronto 2014.The device which is named as a "paper fold" is capable to be oriented the way user wish to.Along with this each display tile can act independently or as part of a single system.The device is too flexible to notice the users directions and commands.Suppose,when user does fold the device in form of a ultra book,it provides the keyboard thing on the screens.Sounds damn cool right.... Along with these, "Shaping Paperfold"feature i.e spreading the screen with displays,you could use the Google Maps feature.While Dr. Vertegaal, a professor in the School of Computing and director of the Human Media Lab at Queen's University, Canada described their attempt as, "development of el