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Latest iOS 7.1 released for iPhone 5C

It's a relishing and pampering act for all Apple users,who are fed-up and hassled with frequent technical problems arising with latest Iphone 5C. Recently several customers reported hitches happening regarding iPhone 5C release.To,overcome the latest iOS 7.1 update is released for nagging issues within device.It would impart attributes like "Efficient and extended Siri","Abnormal restarts remedy","improvised finger touch access". After the launch of the alluring Apple iPhone 5s,the company encountered criticism from its users,considering the past circumstances the company released iOS 7.1 would relish the accuracy and performance factors.iOS 7.1 include added features like CarPlay, changes to Siri,voice access technology, iTunes Radio, Calendar, some accessibility changes, and smaller tweaks like FaceTime call notifications are automatically cleared when you answer a call on another device.Going deep into the update details it includes: -Ea