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Google Greatest inventions that make man a megalomaniac!!!

Technology has been one of the most powerful tool a man could rule the world and organized the messed up things.Google Inc. should termed as a most influential firm that will be leading to dramatic changes in the advent of technology embraced years.Google is marked for its research and service towards a "change" factor.And today the most fantasy has been the real world vision.Under Larry Page administration,not only Google but also world has been moving to next level of generation.And here are few devices which make mankind is going megalomaniac and makes world a better place:

Google Automated Cars:

        This technology has invented with amalgamation of mechanical sciences,and modern computing capabilities.These cars are capable to handle the small streets,highways,traffic stuffed areas..using the high sensor capability.Using the popular application artificial intelligence,cars are capable of finding their better way out.However,using these cars are restricted by many governing polices.And,meanwhile 4states in America permitted the autonomous Google cars in states like Florida,Nevada,California,Michigan,While,Google too had no immediate plans to commercially develop the system, the company hopes to develop a business which would market the system and the data behind it to automobile manufacturers.In August 2012, the team announced that they have completed over 300,000 autonomous-driving miles (500,000 km) accident-free, typically have about a dozen cars on the road at any given time, and are starting to test them with single drivers instead of in pairs.

Google Contact Lens:

        Google even tried to make better medical devices.Actually this devices are developed with a thought of finding out the glucose levels in the diabetic machines.Later the developers felt of developing a pair of smart contact lenses which track possibly everything.However,a patent application rolled questioning how can they include the micro-camera and sensors in a contact lens.Enterprising this kind of products would definitely change the world's approach towards the medical science research and applications

A Google contact eye lens being displayed at a international show
Google Balloon:

        The idea of providing the internet globally has lead to development of Google balloons."Project loon" targets to provide internet to two-thirds of global population with free and high bandwidth internet access.Each balloon does provide internet-connectivity to ground area about 40KM and better speeds than 3G.This particular project uses  industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) radio bands use radio-frequency technology to provide internet to land masses on the planet.A loon actually consists of three parts:Radio,antenna to distribute and spread the radio waves,and both these sections are divided using a reflector. Once executed successfully, internet access points could be distributed to any remote places thereby making communication making an omniscient thing.
Google Balloon in Reality
Google ARA modular phones:

        Regarding smartphone market, Google has always been the supreme power.Now,it moves to next level by developing a free, open hardware platform for creating highly modular smartphones. The platform will include a structural frame that holds smartphone modules of the owner's choice, such as a display, keyboard or an extra battery. It would allow users to swap out malfunctioning modules or upgrade individual modules as innovations emerge, providing longer lifetime cycles for the handset, and potentially reducing electronic waste.ARA phones are developed and implemented using modules inserted into metalized Exoskeleton frames aka "endos". This particular frame will be the primary component in an ARA phone made by Google.It works using switch to the on-device network link which connects all the modules together.

A prototype of ARA modular phone
Google Glass:
    The word that skips the heartbeat of all Glass holes... "Google Glass" is a wearable computer which provided a computerized vision using optical head-mounted display (OHMD). It was developed by Google Inc. with the motto of expanding a huge-market in a ubiquitous computer world.Google Glass displays information in a smartphone-like just like a hands-free format.Users are free to communicate with help of internet access via natural language voice commands.It works using a Lithium Polymer battery and uses Android Kernel.It has got  a 1GB RAM and 16GB Flash memory along with these special sensors like accelerometer,magnetometer,ambient light sensor,proximity sensor are included in this device.

Google Fiber: 
     In a technology era where 1,000 Mbps internet access speed is being witnessed, Google Fiber acts 100 times turbo than contemporary basic broadband connections, which allows one to obtain what He/She wish to in a instant manner. World has been moving in a light speed where things never buffer. So activities like video chatting, uploading videos, accessing your online games,Video broadcasting,File sharing all you need to do is click and you're there!!

With all these wonder tools happen to be in mankind's treasure and however,yet to develop in stage of Research & Development of corporation bodies. At the moment, we can only wait for what present technology has decided the eternal destiny towards..Hail technology!!!


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