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iPhone 6 to be part of Apple's elite:to hit market soon!

The highly awaited,and predominant iPhone 6 is set to be released soon.iPhone is a popular product of Apple Inc. known for its standard and secure functionality and stalwart mechanism.The Apple Company is planning to release the iPhone 6 in two segments i.e 4.7 inches device display and 5.5 inches device display.This most anticipated high-end smartphone is expected to hit market in various segments,during August and September respectively.Apple company has inherited the latest iPhone 6 characteristics from iPod Nano and iPhone 5C. The body is being made in both metal and plastic body for better user's choice.Apple iPhone 6 will be running on iOS 8 mobile operating system ,which include recently developed,and interesting applications like Preview, Textedit and Healthbook.

    According to sources,iPhone colors replicate the one used with its previous product iPhone 5C.The latest Apple unit has developed a edge-to-edge glass model and has sleek dimensions,adding gorgeous looks to the device.This is going to be the one of slimmest device with 6MM thickness which makes it easy to handle the phone.Technically,resolutions of 4.7' device is 1334x760 with 326ppi and 5.5' device has 1920x1080 with 401ppi[pixel density].

Along with these,the popular "Quantum dot technology" is too be included with iPhone 6.While coming to evaluation cost the 16GB model is dropped this time,the other models like 32GB,64GB,128GB cost up to 890.99$,1008.90$,1177.33$ respectively.Regarding the tech-gadgets,this one is going to be a nonpareil for all tech buffs.As we already know,companies like Samsung,Nokia have been successful in this high-end smartphone market segment.With release of iPhone 6,market goes higher,and this time Apple Inc. wishes to make some great numbers!


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