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Beacons : A peep towards tomorrow's fantasy

As we obverse the renaissance of world in the vivid hands of internet, and having goggled view on everything it perfectly looks like world’s globalization with sense of automated and configured art of crafting. World business has already moved into hearts of E-Commerce magic hands. Now, tech world is eyeing new dimensions with flexibility and smoothness as its agenda. This time the buzzing word is Beacon. A reliable technology that alerts the latest happenings around you, as per your configured list of interests.

Not really a complex one, but it can be a catalyst for all kinds of markets, branding and advertising industries. Beacons are originated from laps of apple firm with global name iBeacons.  Later, list of manufacturers at work have increased chronically. Currently, available for Android and Apple users.


Let’s have an elaborated picture of Beacons. Beacons actually work at two levels. Any merchandise or commercial show-room may configure a beacon representing their products and daily offers. However, on user-side its configurable where you could filter the incoming alerts with your preferred key words.

Wonder how it actually, it happens…?? Beacons work at the application layer supported by Bluetooth low energy (BLE). Like the traditional applications of yesterday, this newbie ain’t work on,just to drain the battery life beyond the usage. Bluetooth low energy  (BLE) works at the core application layer, just like any background system tasks. It senses any kind of Beacon transmitter in range of 50 Meters.

Technically, BLE is an internal specification of Bluetooth 4.0 version which is available since 2010 and works in a noticeable way unlike classic Bluetooth. This one, typically works with highly secure network protocols and RFID’s thereby enhancing the connectivity feature, the ultimate motto of modern-day smart device.

 Moving on to hardware, beacons consists of Bluetooth chip set, vast-life supporting battery along with firmware data connected to cloud-server. Whilst in background the application SDK, which monitors and control the behaviour of the smart-beacon within your handset. Bluetooth chip would work and notify any kind of nearby beacon devices with help of Personal Area Network (PAN).

And a smart-phone user, with beacon technology would receive a push-off alert with all the data fed onto Source Beacon transmitter broadcast signal. In the contemporary digitalized world, every company and code is targeting user’s flexibility.  And, this would definitely the one justifying all those terms.

Simply to address, I would refer it as one more milestone in subject of Artificial Intelligence which is capable of making cinematic fantasies true with pragmatic approach.  For example, simple hand-gesture into open-air would play the video or would trigger a sniper in your favourite game.

Stores like American Eagle, Tesco, Waitrose, Macy's have already been into beacon branding. This, would suggest the rapid increase of beacons as smart-things, that would make every common user a megalomaniac!


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