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IBM LinuxONE : Execute everything with Linux Mainframe!

IBM on 17th August 2015 announced the launch of IBM LinuxONE Enterprise level which runs on Linux.  As we all know, Linux is known for its security and high-end flexibility, the latest one’s will definitely be cynosure.  The server variants includes LinuxONE Emperor for large enterprises and Rock hopper for mid-size businesses. LinuxONE Rockhopper can efficiently support small scale infrastructure at lower costs.

IBM Mainframe is designed in a subtle way, with a capability of handling 8,000 virtual machines, and millions of active users it would be simply Uber. To be more specific, LinuxONE is capable enough to handle 30 Billions RESTful Web transactions per day. 

   Now, what is a RESTful transaction??! . While REST means Representational State Transfer, this is an architectural style for hypermedia networked application design; it mainly is used to build modern day web services which make things easy, with their lightweight, maintainable and compatible dimensions. Every service based on this architecture is termed as a ‘RESTful service. REST is not limited with any protocol; However most of the RESTful service uses HTTP as its back-end protocol.

Security, every user’s concern with contemporary “Privacy terms”. IBM z13 mainframe which uses IBM Z13 Mainframe Crypto Express 5c Processor which is could provide End-to-End data encryption standards would assure the integrity and confidentiality in all ways. IBM LinuxONE specially inherits its properties from previous model IBM Z13 Mainframe.

 To mention it easy for someone, IBM LinuxONE is one of the most reliable, and Secure mainframe to set up your business infrastructure.With an abundant capability of 10 Terabyte Shared memory which could accommodate a lot of active transactions, with help of flexible specification of 640 I/O Processors. Technically, it uses Single Instruction Multiple Threading to enhance the performance and processing of the transactions. Finally, for any organization availability, robustness, Security and reliability are most important prerequisites. And, looks like this IBM mainframe is what business syndicates are looking for !


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