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Artificial Intelligence : Work of grandeur Or Key to havoc

As scientists are making remarkable progress infield of "Artificial Intelligence" , several veterans doubt it's outcome. Day by day, we hear the automated inventions and voluntarily-active gadgets being available to common people. But, how efficiently can people handle it while they need technical knowledge to sustain and, go comfortable with automated environment. Today, these is the world, where even the authenticated users are being given access, after lot of self identification . Later, to gain access of your Facebook, you could read all your life back to it. This issue isn't just mine, or yours.

 Stephen hawking advised the fast pace 21st century techies to retrospect about the evolution and usage of Artificial Intelligence. He questions how reliable, we really can be on some mechanised bots?!. Some popular Hollywood Sci-Fi movies like "Transformers" and "I,Robot" could portray the effects of adverse achievements when it comes to advanced AI.

Although, a fascinating subject to work, it could be a key to a complex havoc. One of the famous bloggers, James explains that " As, bots enter normal life of society, there is a risk for human race where, he/she may lose the control over gadgets and his surroundings..

Upon, all these questions to clear, and challenges to Overcome, it takes years to find AI applications in the daily life of people. Probably, these Artificial intelligence may own a better place at engineering, medical and space travelling fields,which in-turn lead us to new fast-paced world.


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