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Amazon unveils Firefly Smart Phone specially for dedicated customers!

Amazon unveiled its first smartphone ever on Wednesday, designed specially for enthusiastic shoppers and exclusive of its kind.The phone’s most noticeable feature, called “Firefly,” which employs based on audio and object acknowledgment technology to identify products and present the user with ways to purchase the items through Amazon. For instance,Users can simply snap a photo of a product and Firefly will offer up its cost and specifications,thus making it easier to access the catalog and provide instant purchasing options.

Regarding the e-commerce business arena,this would definitely have a fresh impression on its users.The approach towards users with a dynamic interface to more explain the products must have a vigorous response from all sides.And entering a aggressive market where biggies like Samsung,Apple,Windows got enough models for people,whilst amazon feels it no big deal.One of the amazon representative Mr.Bezos said "People change phones all the time. It’s not about taking market share right away, but making a phone that is ideal for a certain customer and hoping it takes hold.We wanted to make a device that’s great for one person,It’s like a certain person likes chocolate and another person likes vanilla. The customer can free to  choose.”

"Amazon Smartphone Kuma",one which comes with Amazon Fire Phone’s Firefly feature, which lets the user take a photo of objects, numbers, artwork or books and have the phone recognize the item, is demonstrated in Seattle. Firefly also can recognize songs, TV shows, and movies.Sounds interesting...right! It can also pull in useful information such as phone numbers, website addresses. The company has cataloged more than a hundred million items that Firefly can recognize and has tweaked the technology to recognize words and characters in a variety of real-life situations.

Fire Phone has a 4.7-inch 720p display, Fire OS 3.5, quad-core 2.2GHz Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB RAM, 13MP rear camera and access to all the apps on Amazon’s App Store. And as expected, it also has a few features that no other smartphone in the market can match right now.While the new Fire Phone arrives with some features that are pragmatically industry standard — like a slim body, minimalist buttons and one camera for facing toward and away from the user, a well built glass touchscreen

One more feature, called “dynamic perspective,” is capable to identify where the user's eyes and face are located using four infrared, front-facing cameras. The feature adjusts the user interface so that tilting the screen relative to the viewer’s face can toggle through screens, scroll through websites, make online video game characters fly up or down, and render buildings and other custom-made art in 3-D.Both features will be available for developers to build into their own apps.

Amazon is providing one-touch access to its customer support service with Fire Phone. Users just need to
tap the "Mayday" button to talk to customer care executives who will be available via video chat and also show how to perform certain functions with annotations. With Mayday, the customer support executives can even take over the smartphone remotely.

Amazon is providing free Prime membership worth $99 to those who buy Fire Phone. The smartphone is priced at $199 and $299 for 32 and 64GB models respectively, and is associated with AT&T contract in the next two years.This is being considered as a  high-end smart phones particularly designed for all shopaholics.


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