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Microsoft stalls the services of Windows XP and office 2003

Few more hours to go....While all the techies are busy working with their latest operating systems and
their magnificent processing  and well capable Devices,Microsoft is breaking off its support regarding Windows XP which is known for its classical platform for many softwares.
    Microsoft released note saying that "Microsoft will be no longer providing  its support and critical security updates for windows XP and its devices from 8th April 2014". However,users who wish to continue using XP can use, pivotal thing to note is they are vulnerable to cyber attacks and insecure issues.Also Office 2003 will be going through apocalyptic phase.

Windows XP which was released on August 21 2001 and was made available October 25th 2001 to globe,has latest stable release for this product was "Service Pack 3" which was revealed on April 21 2008.The operating systems which supports 32-bit and 64-bit has been one of most popular softwares.According to stats,2014 February only 10% of world users opted Windows XP.

 Technically,Win XP has been a highly user friendly interface.However,in recent times this Windows OS has been through gruelling years.So,Microsoft decided to bid adieu to this 13 year old Operating System.


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